Emperor's Choice

£16.90 per head Children (under 12) are Half Price

This menu is served from between 5.30pm and 10.30pm Monday to Saturday.

This is an introduction to a new style of cooking and a different style of serving from our existing menu.


Our chef has compiled a new menu containing Cantonese, Pekingese and Szechuen dishes, for you to mix and match. With this menu, you are free to choose dishes of your own choice from starter to desert. You can order as many dishes and as often as you like for a set price.


This menu is restricted to dining in the restaurant only, "doggy bags" are not available! The management regrets that diners of the same party / table cannot mix this new menu with the existing menu.


Dishes are designed to complement each other for your enjoyment.


Private functions available, details on request.



1 Sesame Prawn Toast

2 Deep Fried Shredded Seaweed with Dried Fish

3 Barbecue Spare Ribs

4 Deep Fried Spring Rolls

5 Fried Crispy Won Tun with Sweet and Sour Sauce

6 Spare Ribs with Salt and Peppercorn

7 Deep Fried Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings

8 Deep Fried Spicy Won Tun

9 Deep Fried Phoenix Rolls


Vegetarian Starters

10 Deep Fried Beancurd with Sweet and Sour Sauce

11 Deep Fried Beancurd with Salt and Peppercorn

12 Deep Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls

13 Deep Fried Won Tun with Sweet and Sour Sauce

14 Deep Fried Shredded Seaweed

15 Hot and Sour Soup


Second Course

16 Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

17 Crabmeat and Sweetcorn Soup

18 Stuffed Lettuce Rolls

19 Satay Chicken on Skewers

20 Satay Beef on Skewers

21 Won Tun Soup

22 Mandarin Aromatic Duck with Pancakes


Vegetarian Second Course

23 Sweetcorn Soup

24 Mixed Vegetable Soup

25 Hot and Sour Soup

26 Stuffed Lettuce Rolls

27 Chinese Straw mushroom Soup


Main Course

28 Fish in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

29 Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce

30 Sweet and Sour King Prawn

31 Fried Shredded Crispy Beef

32 Fried Sliced Beef in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

33 Fried Sliced Beef in Satay Sauce

34 Fried Sliced Beef in Black Pepper Sauce

35 Deep Fried Squid in Salt and Peppercorn

36 Roast Duck and Pork with Ginger and Spring Onion

37 Roast Duck and Pork in Plum Sauce

38 Deep Fried Chicken in Honey and Lemon Sauce

39 Fried Sliced Chicken in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

40 Fried Sliced Chicken in Satay Sauce

41 Fried Sliced Chicken Szechuen Style

42 "Kung PO" Chicken

43 Sweet and Sour Chicken

44 Sweet and Sour Pork


Vegetables & Vegetarian Main Courses

45 Fried Monk Vegetables

46 Fried Mixed Vegetables with Cashew Nut

47 Fried Beancurd in Sweet and Sour Sauce

48 Fried Beancurd in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

49 Fried Beancurd in Satay Sauce

50 Fried Mixed Vegetables in Sweet and Sour Sauce

51 Fried Mixed Vegetables in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce

52 Fried Mixed Vegetables in Satay Sauce

53 Fried Straw Mushrooms with Bamboo Shoots

54 Fried Seasonal Vegetable in Oyster Sauce

55 Fried Mange Tout with Baby Corn


Rice & Noodles

56 Egg Fried Rice

57 Plain Boiled Rice

58 Special Fried Rice

59 Fried Singapore Rice Vermicelli

60 Fried Soft Noodles with Beansprouts



61 Pineapple Fritter in Syrup

62 Banana Fritter in Syrup

63 Ice Cream

64 Sorbet